Transition to School

Our curriculum incorporates working to achieve all the above outcomes.

It aims to enhance all areas of a child’s development in readiness for their future life at school and beyond. At preschool the foundations are laid for a lifetime of learning.
Intentional learning will include:

  • The ability to manipulate writing tools and scissors with control
  • To recognise own name
  • Able to or working towards writing own name
  • Encourage children to actively participate in group experiences and games
  • To recognise numbers to 20 or beyond when appropriate
  • Count objects using one to one correspondence
  • To recognise basic geometric shapes – square, triangle, circle, rectangle
  • To have self help skills
  • Speak confidently to adults and peers in a group situation
  • Listen and follow instructions
  • Engaging in our Bush Classroom on the bushland adjacent to our centre.